When BQC evaluated what casting simulation software would be the best for our customers, the choice was simple – MAGMA

MAGMASOFT software is a simulation and virtual optimization of the casting process.

Autonomous Engineering

By means of Autonomous Engineering™, simulations with MAGMASOFT  ® can be used in an automated virtual test plan to pursue different quality and cost objectives simultaneously. Broad knowledge and tangible hands-on instructions/measures are generated considering design and process conditions for mold filling, solidification and cooling. The range of results comprises residual stresses and distortion, microstructure formation and local properties.

Interdisciplinary Innovation

MAGMA is a world-wide leading developer and supplier of software for simulation and optimization of casting designs and processes

The name MAGMA stands for robust and innovative casting solutions as well as a strong partnership with the metal casting industry. By combining casting process knowledge with simulation competence, MAGMA partners with our customers to use our expertise to their advantage in the profitable optimization of castings and casting processes. With a commitment to casting excellence, we actively work with our customers to integrate the progressive technology of simulation into their operations.

The Digital Foundry

Technology and its application through casting process simulation is a well-known means for improving quality and productivity. It allows designers to advance the development of castings while allowing users to effectively produce robust casting processes. This leads to reduced delivery times, reduced costs, and aids in communication throughout all levels of an organization. 

Sand Casting: Optimized Quality, High Quality Sand, Robust Tooling and Cost-Effective Processes.