Boose Quality Casting Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Competitive, Reliable and understanding your needs. These are the properties associated with a BOOSE Quality Aluminum sand casting. For quality aluminum castings, choose the industry’s most reliable partner: BOOSE Quality Castings. No matter the size of your project or the industry you serve, BOOSE is the best choice for manufacturers who want it done right the first time.

Casting Capabilities

1/2 ounce to 40 pounds.
Medium to high-quantity runs.

Aluminum Alloys

A356/356, SR319
We purchase only certified ingot.
See our aluminum alloy Safety Data Sheets here

Pattern Shop with CNC and 3D Printer for Gating

BQC offers complete in-house capabilities. Our experienced pattern shop works with you through the tooling stage and seamlessly into production.

Core Department

2- ATD 24 core machines
2- U-180 Shalco core machines
Harrison dual station core machine
Dependable 200

Molding Department

FBO 20×24 Sinto Match plate molding machine
H-32 30×32 Hunter Match plate molding machine
B&P 100B speed Muller with ETA green sand controls
Automatic Robotic Pouring

Melt Department

4- 2,300 lbs. Thermtronix electric furnaces
2- 3,000 lbs. Thermtronix electric furnaces
2- 3,300 lbs. gas tilting furnaces


Wheelebrator 6 cu. tumble blast
2- Pangborn 12 cu. tumble blast
Wheelebrator 4 chamber hanger blast
6- B&P Dual station belt grinders  

Electronic Files

BQC operates on the latest version of MAGMA, which accepts most major electronic drawing and model submission formats. We also offer Aluminum Casting Solidification Process to cut cost, reduce lead times and improve product quality. Using MAGMA, we can prevent problems before the project ever begins.


BQC is committed to create and maintain a work environment that is safe for all employees and for our community. It is our mission to minimize the impact of our manufacturing activities on the environment and the earth. BQC has implemented recycling and reuse programs to prevent pollution.