Thank you! You guys are doing great and we have a ton of faith in BQC. In this year of chaos and unpredictability, moving to BCQ exclusively has been one of our best moves. Thank you guys for continuing to improve!

Thank you,

Timothy Murray

Production Manager,  Aero-Classics Heat Transfer Products Inc.

Good Morning Ralph,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team at Boose Quality Castings for pulling this last quote together so efficiently and with such attention to critical detail. It is activity like this that makes the difference.

Honestly, In the many years that I have been working with Boose I have not come across a company that is more dedicated to their customers and quality of their product.

That dedication has been a key component to our success over the years and we are very proud to be a customer.

I expect to be back in touch shortly with our first order to get this project up and running.

 – Robert Dobbins, App Engineering – Accudynamics, LLC.

Boose Quality Castings team:

As a necessary supplier and supply chain partner to A. O. Smith, Boose Quality Castings has been instrumental in allowing us to maintain our operations. Typically, when communicating with customers, no news is good news. Customers can be quick to point out when things are not going well, but slow to praise. We would like to break that cycle.

A. O. Smith is firmly committed to meeting our customers’ needs as we all work together to battle this virus. Please know how much we appreciate Boose Quality Castings as a valued supplier, and we recognize that your organization has overcome many obstacles to support our business during this time. We would like to acknowledge and thank you and your team for your continued support. Your team has gone above and beyond in supporting not only our business, but the fight in general. While healthcare workers have rightfully been widely acknowledged as the heroes in this fight, we would like to recognize the team at Boose Quality Castings as well, as one of the unsung heroes working behind the scenes to help keep all of us healthy.

Best regards,

A. O. Smith Corporation


When you came here just over a year ago both Alan and I listened to your explanation of how this restructuring was going to make significant improvement across all areas, but questioned if it would really make a difference.

2020 presented a great number of challenges to all Americans.  Across that time we have had delivery issues, sometimes 6-8 weeks delays, from ALL the foundries we purchase from, EXCEPT Boose Quality Castings.

You made a significant number of promises last year, and we are extremely pleased to acknowledge that everything you guaranteed has occurred.  We look forward to an even stronger 2021 and appreciate everything your team has done to make it all happen.

Thanks for all the help,

Jim M.

Vice President of Engineering

Spring City