Ken Fair started Cornwall Aluminum as a small squeezer shop lodged inside of a carriage house belonging to one of the Coleman Estates on Cornwall Road in Lebanon County, PA. Remarkably, three of his original employees are still with the company today.

In the early 1980’s, a metal building was erected to house the growing business with backing from 2 of his larger customers. In 1982, Ken and his three original employees began moving equipment into the north end of the newly constructed building. The original squeezer shop continued operations to support the purchase and introduction of automatic molding equipment into the south end of the building. The 90-foot sand tower was added shortly thereafter to accommodate the overhead sand elevator system.

In 2006, the Boose family purchased what was then called Cornwall Aluminum Foundry from Ken Fair to assist in their need for automation. The purchase added to the Boose family legacy of making quality aluminum sand castings since 1933. Numerous improvements in material handling and process flow were immediately implemented to better accommodate the increased production from the three automatic molding lines. Since that time, over three million dollars has been invested back into the company and it’s manufacturing processes.
To improve the working conditions of the plant and for the safety of it’s workers, the sand system was changed over to a non-silica based molding sand. This change was coupled with complete rebuilds of the Hunter 32 molding line and the Sinto FBO3 line as well. To further enhance the molding process, the sand muller was rebuilt and a new shaker conveyor installed to move the castings to the de-core and saw area.

Following the foundry investments, the Boose family purchased the assets of one of their state-of-the-art subcontract pattern shops in 2014. A new Haas VF-8 CNC was added in 2016 to allow for the machining of the tooling for the large automatic line. The final investment into the tooling process was to re-vamp the pattern storage system by building a mezzanine to house all the tooling for the three molding lines in a singular area with individual storage assigned to each tool.

In addition to these capital investments, a complete review of all manufacturing processes was performed. The review yielded improvements to documentation and the associated processes which enabled the eventual ISO Certification. In conjunction with the process review, the Boose family invested in a complete renovation of the employee facilities all while generating space for new supervisory offices, break rooms, training areas and a new Quality Control laboratory. The most recent upgrades include a new spinner blast, autonomous sand system control and two new shell core machines.

On October 1 of 2019, the Reamstown and Cornwall businesses began operating as separate entities. Joe and LeAnn Boose, along with their son Brandon, have taken the reins and renamed the operation as “Boose Quality Castings”.

BQC is dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality aluminum sand castings, while standing by our commitment to improve the lives of the people we connect with – our customers – our workforce, and our community.